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    Cuddle Ewe Underquilt - Queen

    80% of Fibromyalgia patients report improved sleep & less stiffness

    Placed between your mattress and bottom sheet, the Cuddle Ewe™ transforms your bed from something routine you have been accustomed to lying on into something sublime you are cradled in.

    A Cuddle Ewe™ Underquilt is layer upon layer of thick natural wool batting sewn within a soft and breathable cotton cover. Unlike a downed comforter which compacts very easily, the specialized wool batting is very resilient, offering excellent support to your body. The support also reduces the pressure on the tender points, offering excellent support for Fibromyalgia sufferers and to others who awake stiff each morning. During the winter months, the Cuddle Ewe insulates your body from the cold entering through the box springs. In the summer months, Cuddle Ewe removes the moisture coming from your body and allows it to evaporate.

    In a survey of Fibromyalgia sufferers that was conducted at the University of Texas by John Russell MD, nearly 80% of the respondents reported significant or better quality of life. On the individual measurements, the number of respondents who reported significant or better improvement in the following areas were: * 78% restful & restorative sleep * 72% reduced fatigue * 77% improved sleep duration * 77% morning stiffness relief * 76% tender point pain relief * 77% soft tissue pain relief * 81% multiple symptom improvement (discomfort, pain, sleep, fatigue)

    Our Unconditional 90-Day Money Back Guarantee Everything about your Cuddle Ewe Underquilt must be to your complete satisfaction. If not, you may return it, undamaged, within 90 days of receiving it. You need to send it directly to the Cuddle Ewe Company who will then refund your purchase price (excluding original shipping and handling). Doc Adams pillows and Custom made special orders are not refundable.

    5-Year Materials and Workmanship Guarantee

    Your underquilt is unconditionally guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for 5 years from the time you receive it. Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding guarantee, warranty and product returns.

    Price: $413.00

    Product Code: MC04
    Price includes free pillow and $31 shipping charge.

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