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NEW TOLL FREE NUMBER 1-800-261-2083. We are no longer taking PayPal. we have been made aware by Dr. Congden that the new guaifenesin er 600mg tablets that are available in the markets have blue dye in them again. The older formula do not, So, be careful when buying those products and check ingredients. I have also checked the markets and many of them are blue(CVS and Walgreens in 100 size for two) Sp be very careful.

GUAIFENESIN TABLETS ARE NOW AVAILABLE.Many different ones seem to be coming onto the market, Be careful,since many of the new ones have blue dye, So far the one being recommended by both doctors is the Guardian brand. We are in talks with them to see if we can get direct pricing from them and maintain inventory. As we have seen in the past many of theses products seem to come and go causing havoc in the Guai community. Our 600 mg capsule is the same as always but the 300mg is a little larger. The manufacturer added a little more of the product that controls it's release so it can be a little longer acting(about an hour)which makes it closer to the 600, Nothing else has changed. So, people that have done well with the capsule should find no difference in its action.Our tablet form of the 600mg has not been ok'd by Dr. St.Amand as of yet. They are doing studies on it and will get back to us.

patients taking guai 400mg.If you are buying it from your local pharmacy be aware that many of the products have dye(aluminum lake blue) and maltodextrin. We will carry some of this product for price conscience patients, but it is NOT the preferred product. Dr. St.Amand is also concerned about the dye in Mucinex.

Results from New Trial Show Vitamin D and Fish Oil Hopeful in Prevention of Cancer and CVD 2019-09-25 19:46:00 Jill Murphy, Assistant Editor After 5 years of study and treatment by The North American Menopause Society (NAMS), results have shown promise towards prevention of cancer and cardiovascular disease (CVD) with the use of vitamin D and omega-3.

The vitamin D and omega-3 clinical trial (VITAL) is the largest, most recent study to test this subject matter, with nearly 26,000 United States men and women participating in the trial.

Omega-3 fatty acids, or fish oil, showed a small, nonsignificant reduction in the primary cardiovascular endpoint of major CVD events. However, they were associated with significant reductions in heart attacks. People with dietary fish intake below the cohort median of 1.5 servings per week saw the greatest treatment benefit. Meanwhile, participants whose intake was above that level did not see as much as a benefit.

Likewise, supplementation of vitamin D did not reduce major CVD events or total cancer incidence yet was still associated with statistically significant reduction in total cancer mortality among participants in the trial at least two years.

Dr. Stephanie Faubion, NAMS medical director, is hopeful for the future of this issue. In a prepared statement, she said, "With heart disease and cancer representing the most significant health threats to women, it is imperative that we continue to study the viability of options that prevent these diseases and help women survive them.”

This article was originally found on Contemporary Clinic.

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