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Cleure Hydrovive™ Toner

New Formula Hydrovive Toner is alcohol free and the perfect way to complete the cleansing process by removing final debris. Besides being the middle step in your daily cleanser/toner/moisturizer, regimen, our freshening toner is useful during the summer months or in a perpetually dry climate. Under such conditions, it's best to drink plenty of water. But also try our toner to freshen and hydrate your skin. The results will surprise you. Cleure Toner is also excellent for fighting acne.

For all skin types


Achieve Your Freshest Look with Hydrovive Toner

An effective daily facial care regimen contains three steps. The first of these consists of cleaning your face. Glycerin soaps are ideally suited for this phase of the care process. The last step is a good moisturizer which is also present in most women's routines. However, what is often missing is the crucial middle step of toning. Hydrovive provides for an excellent weapon against aging and dryness existing within Cleure's large arsenal of skin care products for women.

An alcohol free facial toner combats the effects of stress and aging. Good toners are among skin care facial products which supplement the cleaning process removing the last remnants of stubbornly clinging debris. An alcohol free facial toner is an important intermediary step between cleaning and moisturizing. Without its use, neither of the other two steps can be done effectively.

Especially needed in dry climates, an alcohol free facial toner works in conjunction with your moisturizer to allow for maximum skin hydration. Towards this end, Hydrovive excludes all alcohol which is better served left in your cosmopolitan as opposed to drying out your face. All of Cleure's products, including Hydrovive, are alcohol free.

If it is not already present, you are well served to add a facial toner to your daily routine. Those already using a facial toner are well served to read the label. If any of the ingredients appear to be less than wholesome, then Cleure's Hydrovive could present a safer and less toxic alternative. You owe it to your face to find out.

Price: $20.95

Product Code: CHT002
Ingredient: Water, Glycerin, Dimethicone Copolyol, Lactic Alpha-Hydroxy Acid, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Benzoate.

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