Fibromyalgia Treatment

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    We offer health care professionals, specializing in treating Fibromyalgia, free listing on Your listing will be seen by an audience of patients actively seeking treatment for Fibromyalgia.

    FibroPharmacy is dedicated to bringing together patients and healthcare professionals with the goal of improving the quality of life of Fibromyalgia patients. We have been serving the Fibromyalgia community for over fifteen years with our bricks and mortar pharmacy located in the Los Angeles area.

    We are a full service pharmacy offering prescription products at reasonable prices, healthy living products like air filters, Cuddle Ewe® quilts, supplements specifically formulated to meet the patients’ special needs, and guaifenesin products for those on Dr. St. Amand’s protocol. We carry the major brands of guaifenesin, including Mucinex®, Grace™, ProHealth™, and our own FibroPharmacy 600 mg compounded Guaifenesin & our new FibroPharmacy 600 mg Long Acting Guaifenesin (coming soon), as well as the most complete line of salicylate-free products: skin and hair care, dental, cosmetics and more.

    Fibromyalgia patients trust us because we know Fibromyalgia. We know Fibromyalgia is a real disease and patients look to us as the most complete source of prescription, OTC, supplements and hard goods focused on their Fibromyalgia needs. We are expanding our FibroPharmacy line of products, a name synonymous with efficacious products to support Fibromyalgia patients.

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