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    Directory of Fibromyalgia HealthCare Professionals

    The Directory of Fibromyalgia Health Care Professionals is a listing of physicians and health practitioners who practice or have expressed interest in treating Fibromyalgia. FibroPharmacy provides the Directory of Fibromyalgia to assist those patients who prefer to consult with health practitioners who are open to integrative medicine. These health care professionals recognize the value of combining conventional medical care with alternative medical care. Each health care professional listed has his/her own approach to healing so it is important that the patient use this resource as a first step in selecting a health care professional. As with any new undertaking, the patient should clarify the reason for the visit, as well as the patient’s goals in seeking out such treatment when scheduling an appointment. FibroPharmacy believes patients should take an active role in the selection of their health care professionals as well as in the management of their health care options.

    DISCLAIMER: Inclusion in the Directory of Fibromyalgia Health Care Professionals does not constitute endorsement by FibroPharmacy, nor are these health care professionals affiliated with FibroPharmacy. All physicians and health practitioners who appear on this list do so on the sole basis of their own expression of interest in the fields of integrative medicine or have been added through other data sources. FibroPharmacy has not verified the competence, professional credentials, business practices or validity of the expressed interests of these physicians and health practitioners. FibroPharmacy makes no recommendation of any physician or health practitioner on this list and makes no suggestion that any such physician or health practitioner will either cure or prevent any disease. Those consulting a physician or other health practitioner on this list should approach the consultation exactly as they would with any other unknown physician or health practitioner. Patients are advised to verify information about a particular physician or medical provider by confirming with the doctor’s office, the patient’s current physician, the medical association relative to the doctor’s specialty, and the patient’s state medical board. Listings are periodically updated. However, physicians and health practitioners are not obligated to notify FibroPharmacy should they relocate or retire. This information is intended for personal use only and may not be used for any commercial purpose

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